Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inaugural Post

After several years of hiatus from blogging, I am jumping back into the fray. This blog is a place for me to muse on, ponder, and mull any matter that catches my interest. With the miracle of Blogspot, any clown with a computer and an opinion can make his own small contribution to the mounds of gunk on the internet. With this blog, I declare: I am that clown.

I expect to update this site at least once a day -- why would anyone bother coming back otherwise? I have enabled comments, which at this point is an act of sheer optimism. I will not modify comments for viewpoint, although I will modify them to ensure that discussion remains civil. I allow anonymous posting because I believe the right to anonymity is essential to free expression (even though I believe people should stand behind their words).

I appreciate your visit!

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