Monday, March 12, 2007

Other Than Ann

I had some friends from Chicago up in Ann Arbor this weekend for a visit. One of them asked me what famous people went to Michigan Law; other than Ann Coulter and Clarence Darrow, however, I was drawing a blank. I called another friend of mine who likewise was stumped at that moment. We knew we knew more - we just couldn't recall them.

Thankfully, Wikipedia exists for this sort of situation! Other notable graduates include Larry Elder, Bob Woodruff, US Senator Ken Salazar, former US Senator Peter Fitzgerald, former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., Judge Harry Edwards of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, Teamsters President James Hoffa, former Congressma and current OMB Director Rob Portman, former LA Major Richard Riordan, former Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland, UPS President Lisa Hamilton, and (very regrettably) Mary Frances Berry.


Jacob said...

That's funny. Harold Ford Jr.'s campaign tanked because he had an affair with a social climbing strumpet, with whom I went to high school.

Emmett M. Hogan said...

Apparently, he started his campaign for Congress while still a 3L here at Michigan. I think he got some heat for calling himself a "lawyer" - I don't think any serious heat, though.