Friday, March 9, 2007

Why, That's a Pretty Picture

I haven't posted any pictures in a while. Here's one from inside the amazing cathedral in Krakow, from September 2006. It's a pulpit - see the dove in the center of the canopy? That's the Holy Spirit, and it's meant to inspire the speaker.

I spent October through December of last year studying in London and living with my aunt and uncle above their pub in Peckham. (Yes, of course it was awesome.) While I was there, I took two side trips: one to Belgium and one to the Netherlands; some of the pictures from those trips have been posted.

In September, however, before arriving in London, I went on a five-nation Euroromp. I spent two weeks back in Ireland for my cousin's wedding, and then two weeks in Eastern Europe. We visited Prague, Krakow, and Budapest first; then we rented a car and drove all over Transylvania, ending up in Bucharest before taking a night train back to Budapest. It was awesome.

I will try to post more of my Eastern European pictures. My friends and I had originally planned to put together a website on our trip; I don't quite know what happened to that. I may recount some vignettes from the trip on this site in the future.

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